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High Quality Photos of the Scottish Highlands & Outer Hebrides

Welcome to my website, which provides high-quality digital downloads free of charge.


I have captured all the photographs throughout the stunning Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides.


Derek Morrison


Free photography

Free Photography

All photographs that appear on social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram are compressed in a manner that significantly reduces the quality of the images. Freely download directly from this website for high-quality images devoid of social media compression.

If you like photographs of sunrises and sunsets, there are a lot to chose from, I suppose my speciality!

You can use the downloaded images for your desktop wallpaper, calendars, photographic cards, educational purposes, and framed pictures for your home. Businesses and organisations can utilise the photos to promote their work. I'm sure there are many other ways to use beautiful photographs of the Scottish Highlands and Outer Hebrides!

If you wish to download any images (you can as often as you want to), select the photo(s), go to the website shop, enter some very brief details and place your order. Immediately, the picture(s) will be available to download free to your computer. It's simple, enjoy!

If you frequently download images from the website or select a few  simultaneously, please consider donating a little something to a charity you love - no obligation.

I will regularly update the site with new photographs.

There are no copyright issues concerning the use of photographs from Highland Hebridean Images.

Snowy Day at Scottish Church Next To River.jpg

Recent uploads


The person behind the camera

Hello, I'm Derek

I live in Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands! I am married to Mary; we have three daughters and six grandchildren.

I served as a police officer with the Northern Constabulary for 30 years. 

The Wee House.jpg

Following retirement, I worked for the church for six years in Raigmore Estate, Inverness and was a Chaplain at two city addiction centres.

Some years ago, I enjoyed playing football and distance running. 


I now prefer to watch and walk! I began photography as a hobby, and it remains an extremely pleasurable and rewarding pastime.

In Ukraine

In 2016, I travelled to Ukraine to work for a short period with a church in Kyiv located in an area with much deprivation, addiction and a high crime rate. The photograph of myself together with a group of Military Cadets was taken in beautiful Lviv - I wonder where these young men are today.

Derek Morrison with Cadets.jpg

The  'Breadbasket of Europe'

You may be aware that the Ukraine was once known as the “Breadbasket of Europe.”


The accompanying image reminds me of the Ukraine: it was taken on Black Isle, a large farming area a short distance from Inverness.

Highland and Hebridean Beach

Gallery highlights

quality Scottish landscapes